Skull Mug Grey

Item #: 19236

Skull Mug Grey

For all thirsty zombies and vampires who are not just keen on blood!

Just meat and blood, day in, day out, not even the undead can live like that that! If you are a zombie or a vampire, our beautiful Skull Mug Grey is just the perfect drinking vessel to enjoy another drink every now and then! With this stylish skull glass you can be sure you won't lose your frightful face when having a beer instead of blood.

The Skull Mug Grey is made of transparent grey plastic and holds just under 600 ml. Just enough to satisfy your monstrous thirst. Of course the mug can be filled with red wine or cherry juice instead of beer, this way you will give the impression of an extremely bloodthirsty creature.

Material: plastic

Size: height: approx. 13 cm high, diameter approx. 9 cm

Holding capacity: 587 ml