ParaNorman Sweepstakes

ParaNorman Sweepstakes

Norman is not only an outsider misunderstood by his environment, but also has a gift that makes him different from all other children. For the boy can speak with the dead. When trying to free his home and his family from a centuries-old curse, the young ghost-fluent is not only dealing with zombies, but also with ghosts, witches and last but not least annoying adults. Soon his paranormal ability seems to be pushing the boundaries of his own ...
The makers of the Oscar®-nominated masterpiece Coraline are back with "ParaNorman" and present again an extraordinary family film with funny characters and a creepy-charming story. The film by Sam Fell (flut and away) and Chris Butler (Corpse Bride - a wedding with a corpse) is unique in technical terms, because, on the one hand, he is captivated by high-class stop-motion animations Type, which has been developed in the latest 3D technology.



What is the name of the fat friend of Norman?

A: Neil Downe

B: Kurt Up

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There are:

4 x fan packs with night lamp, notepad, pens and stickers and

1 x main price (1x fan pack + signed poster of Travis Knight the chief animator of Paranorman)

In the Fanpacket you find the following