Orang Utan Mask Deluxe

Item #: 14244

Orang Utan Mask Deluxe

Realistic monkey mask with movable jaw & artificial fur

The Orang Utan Mask Deluxe is a super realistic mask for Halloween, carnival and mottoparties, as well as film and theater performances. The absolute highlight of the monkey mask is the full-bodied lower jaw, which enables speech with facial expressions. The Orang Utan Mask makes you the perfect man. We are sure that you are the absolute party hit with the animal mask!

The Orang Utan Mask is a full head mask made of high quality latex, with a movable lower jaw, a large cut out eye area and a lush orange colored artificial fur. Grandiose monkey mask in luxury finish. Combine the Orang Utan Mask Deluxe, B. With the hairy Werewolf Shirt Brown and the Monkey hands brown Deluxe

Scope of supply: 1 x Orang Utan Mask Deluxe

  • Colour: Brown / Orange
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex & artificial hair