Carnival capes

Huge selection of Dracula capes & vampire capes for Halloween and carnival. Order now your cheap carnival cape!

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Cloaks & Capes

Cloaks & Capes are a fantastic costume accessories and may not in any wardrobe missing

Often you still need the final icing on the cake for your disguise while Capes & Capes would would be the perfect solution.What, for example, Dracula and the classic vampire without his vampire cloak? Many of the fairy-tale characters and mythical figures are dressed according to their description in capes.No matter whether it is a witch, a fairy godmother or a magician - as costume accessories are capes Capes & a good choice!

Historical origin of the transfer

The different lengths of cloaks often make out nuances and lets appear the characters in different periods and times.Each epoch has its special fashionable capes Capes & spawned.Were first mentioned cloaks and capes in the Middle Ages, which were then often combined with a hood.Later, the Capes & Capes experienced always a going out of fashion, and just as often they had again made a comeback.The church and the military were institutions in which cloaks just in 19thCentury have played a bigger role.The church leaders Capes & Capes are a status symbol and show the rank within the clergy.In the military serve capes Capes & more to protect against rain and cold - in many historical war films one sees repeatedly soldiers their uniforms through a Cape against the weather protect.

Today wearing cloaks and capes

Today wearing capes Capes & more is a fashionable and elegant gag and especially an indispensable costume accessory for LARP, medieval festivals, Cosplay and visual kei.Many of the classic characters like knights, nobles or villains like Jack the Ripper wore capes & Capes.Modern comic heroes such as Superman, Batman and Zorro let Capes & Capes back into consciousness again and make it to transport them from the Middle Ages to the present day.The perfect symbiosis between the Middle Ages and modernity have the Gothic and Steampunk fans hit that rely for their fashion always on Capes & Capes and contact their look of the clothing from the distant past a monument.,
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