The original licensed Chucky items are a must for any fan of creepy horror doll - real goose bumps guaranteed!

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Chucky doll and accessories

Official Chucky doll and mask

Dolls can be not only cute: This applies at least to the Chucky doll, the brutal, in its eponymous films about art.Has long been a cult has developed around them - not without reason, the franchise has become one of the most famous horror film series in movie history.

The Chucky doll for collectors

For all fans of the little we have Fieslings Fan items like Chucky doll in the range.Whether for decoration or as a collector's item - with the Chucky doll action figure you can teach the creeps and express your passion for the horror genre your friends.

The Chucky mask you'll even for horror doll

Who wants to be himself for horror cult figure, can be drawn with the Chucky mask the appropriate panel for a creepy carnival party ashore.Maybe you also goes in the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray and gives the killer instinct in you!

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