For those who want to take on the role of the merciless Jigsaws once, we have the original licensed Saw accessories in the range.

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Saw Costumes and Jigsaw mask

Original Saw licensed costumes including creepy Jigsaw mask

The horror film series "Saw" scores with brutal scenes of torture and is a remarkable Schlachtplatte for real hardcore fans.Who wants to go to the next Carnival Party in horror look at the people, for whom we have numerous Saw Costumes and disguises bloody as the Jigsaw mask in range.

Saw doll costumes and Billy

In torture film universe there is little squeamish to the point.If you also part of this violent world be like, we recommend you the Pig costume and mask Jigsaw - which reproduces the look of sinister stripping puller of horror movies.Featured media is of course his doll Billy that we have in different variations to choose from - be it as a keychain, or as a speaking character on a tricycle.

Severed limbs for torture fanatics

NOMOS creepy even when Carnival.With the Saw body parts made of latex, the table lamps and the TV and window film you will each of your guests a hunt associated shiver down the spine.Go for it therefore to the original licensed Horror articles like the Saw costumes and the Jigsaw mask, according to the movie-themed "The game begins!".

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