Official masks the metal band Slipknot from Iowa / USA

The rough US nu-metal band Slipknot gained the immediate controversy.With their first demo "Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat."Which appeared in 1996, although they aroused the interest of some record labels, for American radio landscape was the brutal sound - a mix of Hardcore Metal Hip Hop, Death Metal coupled with archaic rhythms - but a little too vigorously.

Controversial texts and crazy stage performances

Apart from the brutal sound of the band and the look is an essential part of the picture.Slipknot contact specially designed masks that make any horror movie mask competition, in appearance.Each mask reflects the character of its wearer and has a direct bearing on personal experiences of each musician.This is also reflected in the sometimes very stark texts which led to harassment and censorship on several occasions.These texts were already brought in connection with some school massacres, of which the band but strictly distanced and the families of the victims expressed their condolences.

Slipknot Mask iconic

Meanwhile, Slipknot Mask coveted costume accessories have become, and not only among the fans.AufHalloween parties, metal festivals and of course concerts of the band you can admire the Slipknot Mask.And there are always new designs - particularly when a new musician joins the band - coming back for new Slipknot Mask with usual stark details to the market.

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