Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins as decoration, lighting and cladding in large selection. Order now your Halloween pumpkin and decorate your Halloween party!

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Halloween Pumpkins

The Halloween pumpkin is a must for your Halloween Party

What would Halloween be without the classic pumpkin, which has been lovingly carved itself or purchased as finished decoration.An orange halloween pumpkins show your party guests at the entrance, that they are welcome and you think what prepared for the neighborhood children to snack on.Halloween pumpkins can be found increasingly in the shop windows as fall decoration and sold by some farmers even roadside.

Where does the custom of Halloween pumpkin?

To set up the custom of a pumpkin with nasty grimace and lit by a candle, the most diverse myths and stories are told.The most famous story is that of the drunkard Jack Oldfield.According to legend, Jack Oldfield was a scamp, who drank all day and only brought the people out of their money, in which he deceived them and constantly told new lies.The evil Jack was so mean that even the devil told them and made his way to visit Jack and banish him to hell.

However, the clever Jack did not want to go to hell and began to negotiate, while he gave him to drink more and more liquor and he drank only water for a long time with the devil.The drunken devil was very careless in the noise and sat. To bet a, where he had to climb a tall treeWhen the devil has reached the top of the tree, Jack carved Oldfield in the tree trunk the holy cross.The poor devil was so drunk caught on the tree and promised Jack after much negotiation, not to pursue it further and to take someone else to hell.

When Jack died later, he was dismissed because of his whole meanness and evil deeds in the gates of heaven and he went on his way to hell.Then the devil Jack has promised that this must never go to hell, it was also the inlet there denied and Jack was doomed to dwell in eternal darkness.The devil took pity on Jack and gave him a hollowed sugar beet and a burning coal as lantern on the road to purgatory.

Irish immigrants found in America instead of sugar beet to orange pumpkin, and so the decision was made to use these for the Halloween pumpkin, which is called Jack O Lantern.Since that time you cut into the Halloween pumpkin vulgar grimaces and makes them available on Halloween on around the house.The nasty faces represent the wily Jack Oldfield and to the Sage to keep evil spirits and devils.

Carve Halloween pumpkins itself

To carve Halloween pumpkins itself is not that hard and is great fun! Did you ever want to undermine your own pumpkin itself and carve him a creepy grimace, then it is about time you zulegst you a Halloween pumpkin carving kit and you're making to the crafts.

At first you do with the right tools of pumpkin carving kits a fist-sized hole in the pumpkin, with a big spoon and löffelst all goo and the cores out.After you have thoroughly cleaned the pumpkin, you can now paint on outside your Halloween grimace or one of the many Halloween pumpkin stencils use and thus to sketch your scary face on the pumpkin.

Now it comes with a sharp serrated knife from editing the pumpkin and cut the face.In children, an adult should always be present to avoid injury! If you are satisfied with your Halloween pumpkin, you need only a candle or LED lighting in place and is already lit your Jack O`Lantern creepy at night.

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