Carnival & Carnival 2017

Carnival 2018 & Carnival 2018

Whether it's carnival, carnival, carnival, carnival, carnival, carnival or carnival, the fifth season has its beginning, climax and end. When is actually the start of carnival and end of fascinating 2018?

Start of the carnival in 2018

On 11.11. At 11.11 am it is time and carnival associations and carnival organizations storm the city halls and officially open the carnival season. A lot of myths are around 11.11, and a real explanation can hardly be found. Many events from pagan cults, Christian holidays and rural customs made the 11th of November at the start of the carnival.

Weiberfast Night 2018

The Altweberfasching or Weiberfastnacht is on 08.02.2018 and marks the transition from the meeting carnival to the street carnival and is always the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

Carnival Friday 2018

Faschingsfreitag starts on 09.02.2018 and is sometimes also referred to as soot Friday and refers to the custom of blacking other people with soot.

Carnival Day 2018

Faschingssamstag is on 10.02.2018 and is also called in some regions also Nelkensamstag and is celebrated except for a few exceptions throughout Germany with big carnival balls and events at the street carnival.

Carnival sunday 2018

Faschingssonntag is this time the 11.02.2018 and is celebrated in many places with large Carnival meetings and carnival balls. The prince guards are now already in the constant stress and hurry from one carnival event to the next.

Rosenmontag 2018

Rosenmontag is celebrated on 12 February 2018 and is, as every year, the highlight of the carnival. More than one million people see the Rosemondage move every year in Cologne. In many places the shops are closed in Cologne and Düsseldorf from noon. Rosenmontag is treated almost like a holiday in the Rhineland.

Faschingsdienstag 2018

Carnival Day is the last day of the carnival season and takes place on 13.02.2018. Everywhere carnival, carnival and carnival are celebrated, the Carnival Day is the last opportunity to party in carnival costumes. There are many shops close by in the Federal Republic of Germany at about 2 pm to allow their employees to celebrate carnival. In many companies the employees are already masked and disguised to work.

Ash Wednesday 2018

On Ash Wednesday, the 14th February 2018, everything is over and you meet then untimely to the traditional fish food and many Christians begin the fasting on this day. (Carne Val = farewell to the meat). Politicians often hold a Political Ash Wednesday together with their party, drawing more or less merrily on their party bosses.