Captain Jack Costume

Item #: 18373

Captain Jack Costume One Size

Sensational pirate costume as a complete set

Wild pirates and daring pirates are the heroes of many stories and movies.By Captain Jack Costume Complete Set you turn yourself quickly in a privateer and furchtlosenn these pirates.The recently released films from the Pirates of the Caribbean series have pirate costumes made to one of the popular carnival disguises.The Captain Jack costume is the complete equipment for all Corsairs.

The unique pirate costume consists of trousers, shirt with vest, jacket, sash, two belts, boot tops and pirate hat.The jacket of Captain Jack costume is made from heavy brown cloth, long sleeves has decorated with gold buttons, as well as the pocket flaps.Among the shirt is worn with attached, brown velvet at privateer costume.The brown boot covers and the two belts of Captain Jack costume made of synthetic leather.The Blackhawk Pirate Sword is not included in Mr costume.A suitable Golden Pirate Gun With Effect complements your Captain Jack costume.

  • Delivery: Pirate hat with headband, jacket, pants, boot tops, shirt with attached vest, pants belt, gun belt
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: One Size, suitable for 175-185 cm height and normal stature