Darker Fat Suit

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Darker Fat Suit

The fat-pr costume as trim you become the heavyweight

With the fat suit as fat suit you have a trim-pr for Carnival and Carnival.Get ready to order now your funny fat suit in horror shop.com and let the rind crashing! A good side effect of fat suit, is the fact that a well-fed fat suit with all its cushions, warm holding.Maybe the reason is our dark fat suit so popular with the carnival rides in the cold fifth season.

The anywhere, padded dark fatsuit has vast proportions.Abdomen, hips and buttocks are summarized in a round ball, the breast has become by too much fat for Hängebrust.Arms and legs are also coated with a layer of fat.Matching Costumes Oversized are the Sultan Costume XXL , the Caveman Costume XL and particularly witty Pink Poodle Dog Costume XL ,The right to Fat Suit face color you get with the Aqua Color Chocolate Brown 30ml for face and hands.

  • color Brown
  • size : One size fits all
  • Dimensions : Shoulder width ca.40 cm, arm length ca.56 cm, leg length ca.60 cm, total length130 cm
  • material : 100% Polyester