Glam Rocker Costume

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Glam Rocker Costume

Rock'n Roll trim from the 70s

Main Stage, huge walls Amplifier pile up.Grell beam reflectors batteries covers everything and everyone in bright light.Up there you stand like your idol in glam rocker costume, armed only with your air guitar. Be the star of the next Halloween party or even a Kiss event.

The glam rocker costume includes not only a two-piece top, black trousers with sewn elastic band and a pair of shiny silver boot swabs.A silver colored edge also adorns the collar of small vest, which consists in the chest and back of black fabric, studded with reflective sequins.It is fixed in the abdominal area with an enclosing Velcro a lightweight, black top.The sleeves are also sequin studded.Together with the broad shoulders statements reminded the whole glam rocker costume at the legendary stage outfits of the late 1970s, which are the absolute cult today.Thus your glam rocker costume nor the necessary paint gets order equal to something Black/White Makeup with you and draw a Headbanger Wig Black above.

Delivery: 1x Rocker Glam Costume

  • Content: two piece outerwear, pants, boot covers
  • Color: black, silver, (outerwear), black (trousers), silver (boot swabs)
  • Size: M, L
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • In this costume you're a real rock star
  • Costume comes without musical instrument.
Size M L
Chest approx. 97-102 cm approx. 107-112 cm
Waist circumference approx. 81-86 cm approx. 91-97 cm
Inseam (inner) approx. 83 cm approx. 84 cm

Caution: This item is a fancy dress for adults and is not a toy.Not suitable for children under 3 years.Can contain small parts that could be swallowed - suffocation.Keep away from fire and open flames.,