Pilot Shirt

Item #: 8801029

Pilot Shirt

White pilot shirt as a costume uniform of a flight captain

Pilots and US police uniforms are always fond of wearing fancy uniforms for carnival, Halloween and the men's striptease. Erotic uniform shirts like the pilot's shirt make you quickly a foolhardy guy. Being dressed as a pilot, not only do the hearts of the stewardesses fly to you, even some passengers can fly from you to the seventh heaven. Good-looking pilots are the heroes of the air.

The white captain's shirt has on the shoulders the rank decals with which you become a full-fledged pilot. On the right chest is a gold-blue patch with the word "Pilot". The pilot shirt has a unit size and can be buttoned like a normal shirt. To complete your pilot outfit, you will find the Police / Aviators

Product information:

  • Scope of supply: 1 pilot shirt
  • Color white
  • kurzarm
  • Material: 100% polyester
Size: L / XL is 43-44
Overall length: approximately 81 cm
Arm length: approximately 60 cm
Shoulder width: approximately 54 cm
Waist size: approximately 120 cm
Collar size: 42