Pimp t-shirt with rhinestones

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Pimp t-shirt with rhinestones

Get the Pimp Shirt for Luden

Once really cut down on the plaster in antisocial outfit? With the pimp costume soon no longer a problem.The overdone flashy, decorated with rhinestone costume turns everyone in putting a wicked and a pimp, whether dear mama's boy or a real heartthrob.Skillfully on the American model, the pimp costume was designed in a bright purple, has ornaments in the zebra pattern and can be decorated perfectly with other pimp accessories.The bonzige gold chain with dollar sign, a flamboyant cane, white gloves and of course very many rings Ideal match the outfit.A pair of sunglasses will ensure that its own bling-bling is not displayed on the outfit.

Always makes the modern Pimp for laughs and acts just as shrill and aloof that will finally be dropped even the good manners quite harmless: Whether for carnival or for theme parties.If you want to work properly with the authentic pimp costume, can of course also adapt the appropriate slang.American swear words are then no longer taboo, because by the coated outfit themselves act this so natural and fitting that the actual meaning of guarantees anyone regurgitates foul.But beware: no matter how authentic and true to the original the costume may seem, the corresponding women, there are of course not free.This is perhaps somehow better that way.

The Pimp T-shirt is a two-sided longsleeve shirt.It shows a purple suit with a lapel in zebra fur.Two flashy necklaces with dollar sign, one of the dollar sign is decorated with genuine rhinestones.From a pocket stick out a lot of bills, on the other is a red sunglasses hooked.Funny Fun-shirt is suitable for all those who are in a hurry or do not feel like an elaborate costuming have.More Fun Shirts are the Sexy Plumber T-Shirt , The Old School Rapper Shirt and the Leather Pants T-Shirt .

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Sizes : M, L, XL
Dimensions M L XL
Shoulder width approx. 47.5 cm approx. 52 cm approx. 57 cm
Arm length approx. 67 cm approx. 68 cm approx. 70 cm
Total length approx. 72 cm approx. 75 cm approx. 81 cm