Salami Costume

Item #: 19891

Salami Costume

Simply the salami sausage dress attracted and already is about your sausage

The salami costume should have long been a classic under the costumes, because it is easy to wear and looks great. You just pull it over your head and you can carry anything under it. The salami is top and bottom with the classic sausage, the surface is covered with brighter spots, which makes you look like a real salami sausage. You have sayings on your belly that are clearly ambiguous.

The salami costume is made of 100% polyester and is available in a single size. It fits from a body size of 175cm to 185cm. More unusual and original costumes can be found in our shop. Throw yourself into the bowl Children animal cap mouse with black nose Or the Handkerchief Costume ,

Product information:

  • Orginelles salami costume
  • Size: One size for a body size of 175-185cm
  • Material: 100% polyester