Sister Berta Costume

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Sister Berta Costume

Not only women can be a good nurse!

Why does a nurse always have to be female? If they as a man are tired of wearing only male costumes in the carnival, they try out the sister Berta costume and slip into the role of a nurse.

Even if they are not called Berta, the sister Berta costume makes them a sexy nurse, from whom no patient is safe. The dress is closed at the back with a zipper. In front of the hips, a little bow is tied on which the red cross is printed. The apron is not sewn on the dress, so can be omitted in any case! In order to be a man in the sister Berta costume also the right upper range gets, in the costume already breasts are present. These are padded with foam material and thus ensure a large stem, which should not be missed by any nurse! In order to be recognized as a nurse from a distance, the Nurse Berta costume also includes a nurses' hood. Also this carries the typical red cross in the middle. The hood is simply placed on the head and holds without fastening. For a nurse, of course, the long hair must not be missing. For this they take the best Charlies Angels Wig Blond , If they need to give medicine to a patient so that they can be healthy, they are suitable Rotkreuz shot syringe ,

  • Delivery: Sisters 'dress with aprons, sisters' hood
  • Material: 100% polyester