Men's Tattoo Shirt XL

Item #: 8801223 XL

Men's Tattoo Shirt XL

With this biker shirt you can turn yourself into an easy rider!

Ever since the movie Easy Rider modified motorcycles with a longer frame and a stretch front end, so called choppers, became mega popular all over the world. The long shape allows the rider to cruise along  in a particularly relaxed way. With our Men's Tattoo Shirt XL you are a welcome guest in any motorcycle club and can ride your bike with the other rockers.   

Our plus size rocker shirt features mesh sleeves with tattoo print under a white short-sleeved t-shirt with leather vest print. The waistcoat is adorned with motorcycle club insignia and the shirt features a skull print. The sleeves of our rocker top are slightly elasticated so they will fit your arms tightly. Add our  Biker Beard to your biker top and your rocker look will be complete?

Product information:

Includes: Men's Tattoo Shirt
Material:           100 % polyester
Size:               XL = total length: approx. 73 cm - width: approx. 60 cm - shoulder width: approx. 54 cm - sleeve length: approx. 65 cm