Batik Hippie Babydoll

Item #: 19864
Women's size
  • S/M 36-38 
  • M/L 38-40 

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Batik Hippie Babydoll

Wild flower power shell for the flower girl

The sixties were the time of flower children and hippies. Shrugging colors, long hair, flowers, hashish and the batik look were a must of the time. With the batik Hippie Babydoll, you will be able to resurrect the time of flowering children from San Francisco and the music of Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix.

Feel free to use our batik hippie top like Uschi Obermeier or the legendary Mamas and Papas. The hippie top consists of a babydoll, which is violet in the chest area and carries an orange peace sign, before it passes into a multi-layer skirt part in the Bartik look. The flower child's top is decorated with halflangen sleeves and the waist with a daisy border. The baby doll in rainbow colors is simply worn over your own jeans or the leggings. Fitting to that would be ours 60s Wig Uschi and Plastic Hippie chain orange

  • Material: 100% polyester
Size: S / M corresponds to approx. 38/40 M / L corresponds to approx. 40/42
Chest: approximately 82 cm approximately 90 cm
Sleeve Length: approximately 45 cm approximately 49 cm
Overall length: approximately 60 cm approximately 65 cm