Bee Tailcoat

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Bee Tailcoat

A funny tailcoat costume fro your next fancy dress party!

There are countless elegant dress coats and tailcoats, but you will hardly find a bee-style one. The funny bumblebee tailcoat is a great outfit for carnival and theme parties. Chances are that lots of men will buzz around you and and make you their new queen bee!

The Bee Tailcoat is the funny counterpart of our Ladies Tailcoat Black and the Women's Hat White. Its cheeky black and yellow striped design makes it a great eye-catcher. The long sleeves feature fluffy cuffs. The sexy V-shape neckline of this cool wasp tailcoat has fluffy lapels. Thwe bumbling dress coat features a button-up front and, to add the finishing touch to this fun tailcoat, a small black hazard-free sting in the back.

Material: 100 % polyester