Jeepers Creepers Mask

Item #: 16094

Jeepers Creepers Mask

Genuine licensed Jepper Creepers mask for horror fans

Beware if the radio the cheerful song Jeepers Creepers heard because fast can such a day turn into naked horror.As could be seen in the same teen horror movie monsters are now already motorized and so make manhunt.And the Creeper from horror flick, part bat, part human needs constant fresh supply to the used parts of his body to renew and renew the furniture in his cave, but also to build himself from Pelle the skinned victims chic wallpaper.

The Jeepers Creepers Mask is particularly detail-nachgestaltet, so you can not only scare on Halloween a decent horror your friends.Original masks like the Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie 2010 or the Saw Jigsaw Mask John Kramer you'll find in the store.

  • 1 x Jeepers Creepers Mask
  • Size: full head mask
  • Material: Latex
  • handpainted and to detail
  • no beard