Ornella Foamlatex mask

Item #: 14673

Ornella Foamlatex mask

Realistic woman mask made of foam latex!

Our Ornella Foamlatex mask is a mask of soft foam latex, which promises a comfortable fit.With the sexy woman mask you're well prepared for costume parties and drag shows.

The super realistic woman mask Ornella has pungent blue eyes, a sensual mouth and a dramatic acting eyeliner that gives the whole face erotic moves.The very comfortable to wear woman mask is made of soft foam latex, is breathable, and transmits a majority of the expression of the wearer.Holes on the mouth, nose and eyes make it easy to breathe and see.Perfect affects this Realistic mask with a Pageboy wig Black Economy and the corresponding costume.

  • Material: foam latex
  • Size: Full head mask
  • breathable