Undertaker mask

Item #: 17743

Undertaker mask

Realistic mask of eerie undertaker

The undertaker mask is made of soft foam latex and has a great fit.The ultra-realistic looking undertaker mask, with the careworn facial features and the downwardly drawn mouth is a wahnsinns realistic facial mask of Gray country.

The undertaker mask is lightweight, super comfortable to wear and is breathable.The real-looking face mask allows some even transferring facial expressions and can be nachgeschminkt.With the cool undertaker mask many characters can be displayed and the imagination knows almost no bounds.The finely modeled foam latex masks of Gray country what to get on realistic facial masks with the best.The mask Undertaker has therefore been used on many occasions for theater and video production.still put out a black glasses and combine the mask with a wig and Mr. You change your type to new.

  • Material: foam latex
  • Size: Full head mask
  • breathable