Black Werewolf Mask

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Black Werewolf Mask

Mask Trick or treating as Wolf Man with fangs

Mask up to Halloween and carnival once a werewolf.masked as Wolfsmensch you recognize nobody and the full moon is your best friend.The acute acrylic teeth give the black werewolf mask a fantastic look, while the faux-fur for proper creepy look makes.With a werewolf mask as Halloween & horror mask you lie never wrong.

The black werewolf mask is an equally impressive as inexpensive full head mask.Particularly noteworthy are the bloody fangs of acrylic that stand out from the wide-open mouth.In addition, the werewolf has huge protruding ears.The part of the face and the ears are made of vinyl, but on the rest of the head is black shaggy fake fur to find.A few Werewolf Hands black and Werewolf Feet Black and a Werewolf Shirt Brown give the black werewolf mask together a perfect werewolf costume.

  • material : Vinyl, synthetic fur
  • color Black