Cracky the Clown Mask

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Cracky the Clown Mask

With the oblique clown mask you enter the arena of the Circus Horror

The circus clowns make everyone laugh is not known it but many people are the downright panic when they see a clown, is the exception.Before cracky the clown himself should this but take particular care! The common clown from the Circus of Horror makes the circus into a bloodbath.With his bloodshot eyes, the bizarre makeup and the twisted facial features the cracky the clown is a perfect mask for Halloween.

Through the slits under the eyes, a good view is possible, allowing further openings in the nose, ears and mouth, the drink through straws.The cracky the clown mask the special type of Halloween fright each masked give more expression To the nasty cracky the clown we recommend Halloween fringe garland bat and ingenious Phantom of the Opera Mask from our Halloween Store.

  • Material: latex cylinder about21cm tall