Devil Mask Kalifax

Item #: 19088

Devil Mask Kalifax

When the devil invented liquor, he got his mouth burned badly!

The Devil Mask Kalifax has the features of a red demon from hell who had his mouth burned badly. The horribly clotted lips of this devil mask with long bone-coloured horns look as if they had melted into each other. The demon's red face is covered with purple veins and deep wrinkles and furrows around his evil eyes.  Apart from two big horns on his head, the satanic creature features small horns on chin and cheeks. The long and pointed Beelzebub ears add the finishing touch to the the Devil Mask Kalifax.

The Devil Mask Kalifax is made of high-quality latex and painted with lots of attention to detail. This diabolical Lucifer mask is a very well fitting premium horror mask. The full head mask features small holes on mouth and nose for easy breathing and eye slits for seeing. The red Kalifax Devil Mask covers the entire head and a part of theneck and chest. Match it with our Devil Hands Latex and check out our Devil Mask Agramon for your devil friend.

Material: latex, size: adult

  • Devilish good looking devil mask
  • Hand painted with lots of details
  • Perfect for satanic events and Halloween parties
  • Ideal decoration