Lykant werewolf

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Lykant werewolf

Take you when the full moon appears in eight

The werewolf plays a major role in the new TV and movie series "Twilight".There are the adolescents of a tribe of Indians who turn into giant wolves to protect their tribe.This transformation was used specifically to protect against their sworn enemies, the vampires.Later, however, it turns out that the werewolves are shape-shifters.The full head mask of the Lykant werewolf is one of the best werewolf masks at all and impresses with its hand-laid, hairy, shaggy coat, the baring bloodstained teeth and good fit.The bristly monster is handmade and is a true masterpiece that can be worn as a mask or decorated as a collector's item.Your werewolf outfit is specially available with the Werewolf Shirt Brown and the Werewolf Gloves Deluxe Black perfect!

Material: latex and synthetic hair