Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie 2010

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Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie 2010

Get the official Halloween film mask

Halloween - the classics and former sleeper hit for John Carpenter's cult film among all horror movies.This made his film Halloween, the night of horror and eerie white Michael Mayers Mask, the classic American hard in this country only really known.The horror film classics experienced by the cult director Rob Zombie 2007 comeback.Michael Myers made movie audiences shudder again and broke box office records when he was allowed to go through the beginnings of his career psychopath again in the remake and Haddonfield made uncertain.Here's your horror mask for Rob Zombie sequel to his remake of of 2007.

The high-quality Michael Mayers Mask in new, unprecedented bloody Rob Zombie Design is made of latex, cut the face and covered with wounds, has brown mottled synthetic hair.Of course, you'll find Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie and classical Michael Myers Mask Releases.

  • delivery : 1 x Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie 2010
  • Color: beige / brown / red
  • Material: Latex and 100% synthetic hair