Rot mummy mask

Item #: 15655

Rot mummy mask

Mummy mask as perfect trim accessory for Halloween

Latex full head mask of a dried-up old mummy that was awakened by grave robbers out of your deep sleep and now preys on people.The rot mummy mask is a perfect Halloween costume accessories that can bring all linings great to perfection.With our mummy mask You'll stand on all Halloween, horror or horror parties at the center and scaring all the partygoers to death ,

The very cool rot mummy mask with mouth wide open was completely made of latex incl.the indicated gauze wrapping made.The dark, dead, deep-set eyes and rotten teeth of the mummy horror mask produce in the viewer a real goosebumps.More scary Halloween mask, like the Hallowen mask "The Mummy" and matching accessories, you can find a great variety in horror

  • Delivery: 1x rot mummy mask
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: 100% Latex