Silicone Half Mask Clown

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Silicone Half Mask Clown

High quality silicone image of a Clown Face

Fiese, diabolical-looking clowns often encountered off bizarre shows of strange traveling circuses.Alone in the dark would be them not encounter, but who likes this occurrence is the ideal special effects find makeup for his creepy Halloween costumes despite or because of the gloomy appearance this clown mask in silicone half mask clown.

The extremely detailed crafted silicone half mask Clown consists of a high quality silicone, which transmits the Gesischtsbewegungen the wearer perfectly.The eyes are blue makeup while nose and mouth were kept in red.In dirty white clown mask you can see fine lines.Thanks to the use of special fabrics, the hand-painted silicone mask is extremely robust against cracks in sensitive places.In addition to the comfortable fit and the excellent fit and cutouts of mouth, nose and eyes, convinced this clown mask. By an excellent transmission of facial expressionsA black hood, where the mask is attached, can disappear behind black cloth while wearing their own mind and parts of the neck.To the Windbag of Clown Costume fits the silicone half mask Clown quite excellent and with the Red clown wig there is the perfect hairstyle for your Halloween clown disguise.

1 x Silicone Half Mask Clown

  • Color: smoke white, blue, red
  • Size: One Size (adult size)
  • Material: silicone
  • Perfect transmission of facial expressions
  • Super comfort and excellent fit
  • Hand painted silicone mask
  • High quality Clown Mask with hood

Caution: This item is a fancy dress accessory for adults and is not a toy.Not recommended for children under 3 years.May contain small parts that could be swallowed - suffocation.Keep away from fire and open flames.