Slappy Clown Mask

Item #: 19447

Slappy Clown Mask

A funny clown with sinister intentions!

Slappy has never been a member of a circus show. He is a loner who roams the streets at night and enjoys living out hisevil temper. One thing is sure: you better never happen on his way!

The Slappy Clown Mask is made of soft, flexible latex. This full mask covers the entire head and the neck. The clown's hilariously broad smile and the monstrous teeth framed by big, blood red lips make this mask a fantastic eye-catcher. The monster clown's bulging eyes emphasize the terrifying expression of this horror mask.The eyes have just to little holes for seeing which can be made bigger if necessary. even the holes for breathing can be adapted to your needs.  If you and your friends want to make a shocking entrance at the Halloween party, we recommend you dress up as a bunch of killer clowns wearing the Slappy Clown Mask, the Sloopy Clown Mask and the Toofy Clown Mask by Trick or Treat.

Additional information:

  • Full mask made of soft, flexible latex
  • Impressive horror clown mask
  • Size: suitable for adults
  • A top-quality mask