Slashed Eye Zombie Mask

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Slashed Eye Zombie Mask

Extreme horror mask for Halloween Zombie Walk &

The disgusting zombie with greasy skin, rotting teeth and a herushängendem purulent eye is the worst contemporary imaginable and can be seen to better, that you look into the distance. The many bullet holes on the forehead and chest testify that the wiederwärtige Zombie Slashed Eye is difficult to shake off and to fight heavily armed against Him better. Now possess the Slashed Eye zombie mask a fantastic horror mask for the Zombie Walk and Halloween.

The super cool horror mask has a perfect fit and is a full head mask to the chest area. The highly successful Paint lets the blood, pus and rotten teeth look extremely realistic. Fits to were our Zombie paws green and of course the best a lot Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml , Extremely cool zombie mask at a sensationally low price!

1 x Slashed Eye Zombie Mask

  • Color: Skin color / Red
  • Size: full head mask
  • Material: Latex