Thriller Clown Mask

Item #: 19044

Thriller Clown Mask

The Thriller Clown turns any circus arena into a slaughterhouse and all the candyfloss dyes red with blood.

The mega nasty Thriller Clown used to be the star at the horror circus, until, one day, he took his role of a psycho serial killer serious and tested his chainsaw tricks on the audience. The thriller killer clown with the smudged clown makeup turned the arena into a slaughterhouse and the candyfloos dyed red with blood.

The Thriller Clown Mask is a cool zombie clown mask with manic clown features.  ist eine coole Zombie Clown Maske und zeichnet sich durch die manischen Gesichtszüge des Clowns aus. The mad artist's white painted clown face is covered in the blood of his victimes. His stone-cold blue eyes hide unknown terrors and his rotten teeth are bared in a merciless smile. The zombie clown mask is a full head mask that fully covers the neck. It features synthetic hair around the sies of a bald scalp. 

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Material: latex, size: adult

  • Fantastic Zombie Clown Maske
  • High-quality latex
  • Hand painted
  • Great for Zombie Walk and Halloween