Tramp Clown Mask

Item #: 19069

Tramp Clown Mask

The Tramp Clown has seen better times before becoming an alcoholic hobo.

When our clown found it harder and harder to be funny and entertaining every day of his life, he turned to drinking for comfort. The Tramp Clown Mask has the sad features of a clown who was left behind by his circus because of his alcohol problems and swings of emotion.

His flaking grubby clown makeup is the only souvenir from his happy days at the circus. The bloody lacerations around his eye on the other hand tell a story of bloody street fights he got involved in since he became a tramp. His embittered face with the rotten teeth reflects all the frustration the Tramp Clown Mask has experienced. This zombie clown mask features black synthetic hair and is painted with lots of attention to detail. A full head latex mask that covers the neck and upper part of the chest, too. Match it with our Vagabunden Shoes Brown and the Yellow Rubber Chicken 53cm!

Material: latex, size: adult

  • Fantastic zombie clown mask
  • High-quality latex
  • Hand painted, lots of details and synthetic hair
  • Ideal for Halloween, carnival and for the cicus arena