Tutankhamun Mummy Zombie Mask

Item #: 19120

Tutankhamun Mummy Zombie Mask

An egyptian mumm ym ask made of high-grade latex!

Tutankhamun was a king (pharaoh) in ancient Egypt. When he died, he was embalmed and buried in the Valley of the Kings. This mummy (or better: zombie) mask has the features of the Egyptian king who came back as a terrifying undead mummy. a

This cool full head mask covers the head and neck. It has an earth-coloured complexion and a skin like a crocodile. The mummy's head is covered with what is left from the bandages that were used for the embalming. The bandage leads across the furrowed face and is wrapped around the neck. Deep bloody cuts on both cheeks and the opened mouth with the blood-red tongue and the rotten teeth and gums makes this Mummy Zombie Mask look absolutely terrifying. The mummy mask has eye slits above the fiery demonically glinting eyes in the dark sockets. Two holes in the mummy's nostrils facilitate breathing. Add the Zombie Skeleton Costume M and the Zombie paws green to your Tutankhamun Mummy Zombie Mask and your mummified pharaoh costume will be complete. With this terrifying mask an unforgettable entrance at the Halloween party is guaranteed!

Size: one size
Material: high-quality latex