Zombie Monk Mask

Item #: 14166

Zombie Monk Mask

Become with this mask to death monk of eerie monastery

Dark monastery walls, eerie organ sounds and the caustic smell of acrid incense let a zombie monk falling into bloodlust.The consecrated altar is to slaughter countless believers lose their lives to serve the zombie monk as a food source.The first victims of the crazed monk had his young acolytes, the churchwardens and the fat old priest's cook, who due to their thrombosis could not run as fast and is likely to have specially contributed with their thick blood-filled veins to the bloodlust of zombie monk.

The mask of evil monk is made of latex, it is painted to detail, impresses with its bright eyes and the moist glistening blood.The zombie mask is through their art hair a real merchandise for all Zombie fans.Who does not remember the classic film "City of the Living Dead"?