Bird Man Mask

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Bird Man Mask

This mask turns you into a crossbreed between a bird and a human

On Easter Island a birdman cult  which included an annual competition was practised until the 1860s. The ancient Egyptian deity Horus was depicted as a falcon-headed man. Even in Thai and Japanese culture we find man bird chimeras. With our Bird Man Mask, you too can turn yourself into a semi-deity.

The Bird Man Mask is an adult size latex half mask with a black fabric hood. It features a long. beak-shaped nose that looks a little like the Venetian plague doctor masks. A pair of extremely bulgy eyes and a long black moustache make this mask a great eye-catcher. The mask does not cover the mouth area. To guarantee perfect fit the black hood comes with an elastic already fitted for convenience. The Unicorn mask with hair, the Ancient Dragon Mask White and the Werewolf Mask are impressive fairy-tale creature masks, too.

  • Includes: one Bird Man Mask
  • Colour: black, skin-coloured
  • Material: latex, synthetic hair, cloth