T600 Terminator mask

Item #: 21647

T600 Terminator mask

Genuine licensed science fiction mask for all Terminator fans

In "Terminator - Salvation" Christian Bale fights in 2018 against hostile machines.For all fans of the Terminator series, we have the original licensed T600 Terminator mask of the fourth part.This robot look even the great-Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger would envy.The menacing mask is the perfect equipment for every science fiction and Halloween event.

The original T600 Terminator mask is hand painted, whereby the metallic silver look more realism.Rounding out the crass robot mask through her skull like teeth and the red glowing eyes.Also interesting for you could Terminator mask made of foam latex and the Cyber ​​Skull Skull And Crossbones be.

  • Delivery: 1 x T600 Terminator mask
  • Color: silver metallic / red
  • Material: latex
  • Size: Full head mask