Venetian Jolly mask black and gold

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Venetian Jolly mask black and gold

Valuable Venetian Jolly mask for the Carnival in Venice!

With the Venetian Jolly mask you will shine mysteriously on any costume parties.The Historic Carnival mask can be hidden from you dance on the streets of Venice and you'll see that each twisted his head at you.

The luxurious Venetian Jolly mask black and gold was provided with magnificent ornaments and paintings.The romantic carnival mask has 9 protruding fabric triangles that have a small bell at the top.To required 5 triangles are made of black fabric and the 4 rear have a colorful fabric incorporated.The nine triangles are formed at the edge with a gold-colored border, which also runs on the edge of the mask along.By means of a wire in the tips of these can be bent or positioned.At the front, a black gemstone has been mounted.By two black bands of fabric Jolly mask can be bound at the back of the head easily.The Magnificent face mask was fitted with a white strap, so that the mask can be used as a wall decoration.

  • Venetian Jolly mask
  • height approx 22.5cm, width approx 16cm