Venetian Mask Cat Style black gold

Item #: 8801147

Venetian Mask Cat Style black gold

Become a wild Partycat with the ladies mask

Whether are popular everywhere in theme parties, carnival or domestic Panel events, hot chicks.With the Venetian mask you turn into a graceful hot Cat who not only teaches the hangovers the chicks.

The feather mask in Venetian style is a sanitary mask in cat style.The black and gold mask is provided all around with a beautiful decorative border and glitter elements define the look of the eye mask.The Venezia mask is rounded with a Federsaum.The Cat Mask with Glitter and Rhinestones and the Glamour Cat Mask Pink Velvet provide variety in design and color.

Product information:

  • Beautiful carnival mask in Cat Style
  • Material: gegipstes Pappmache
  • Color: black-gold
  • Size about.18 x 8 cm