Raiders beard brown ash

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Raiders beard brown ash

Pointed beard with mustache to stick for Wig-and Halloween parties

The mottled robbers Bart You turn yourself quickly and easily in a daring thieves, highwaymen or less competent scholars.The facial hair of a person can absolutely vital role to underline Contribute, the personality of a character or represent a time period of Bart fashion.Create now with the brown gray beard bandits to stick a unique character and inspire so on the next costume party, LARP or on stage.

The artificial, two-piece Raiders beard is flecked in brown easily glued to the rear-mounted medical plaster sheet on the skin.The generally well-tolerated patch foil makes at your biker beard for a good fit.The super realistic looking goatee with a mustache made of soft and very dense synthetic hair can be later repeatedly with double-plaster or Mastix spirit gum small reuse.You can style your hair with water or hair wax and cut with scissors the mottled, two-delinquent Bart arbitrarily.Order you now the great-looking fake goatee with a mustache in brown ash to stick.

delivery : 1 x Raiders beard brown ash

  • content 1x goatee, 1x Schnauzer
  • color : Brown ash
  • size : Goatee: ca.18cm long, Schnauzer ca.8cm long
  • material 100% synthetic hair