Colorful clown wig

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Colorful clown wig

In the colorful clown wig you notice immediately that one of them hides a funny joker

As a pioneer of today's clown mime artists who represent mainly through facial expressions and gestures stories were.The modern clowns perform in the circus and bring children and adults with their colorful clown wig, colorful make-up and her clothes alike with their skits to laugh.Also on birthday parties, clowns are a very popular attraction for the little ones.

The colorful clown wig made of synthetic hair in many different colors.The Kasper wig can be explained by their elastic band that stretches over the whole wig, easy set up and promises by the stitched grid bombproof no matter how much you zappelst rum.Of course it is not done with the joker wig to go through a real clown, you still need the 6 make-up pencils with sharpener and the Clown Make Up Set Deluxe .

Product Information:
  • Colorful clown wig
  • Color: Rainbow colors
  • Size: Head circumference: about48 cm
  • Material: Synthetic hair