Krause Afro Wig Blond

Item #: 17115

Krause Afro Wig Blond

Brilliant unisex curly wig in African style for him and her

The blonde Afro wig with gekraustem curly hair has become classic a real party and must in verückten Glitzerwelt Carnival, carnival, and not missing Halloween costumes.The big blond afro hairstyle has its traditions in the disco era, a great music and lifestyle trend of flooding the world of New York City during the 70s freaky.Today, funny afro hairstyle represented, eg the time of the hippie movement and the flower children who ausprachen for peace and free love.A Megaboom experienced the blonde curls recently by the footgear and your Gammel Komunarden Rainer Langhans.

With one of our Afro wigs you you can easily in a cheerful, sexy disco diva, transforming a reggae star or a jungle camp type.Perfect for men and women can give you the correct afro wig help the wild, carefree time to experience the 70s and to spread good mood and a lot of laughter.With the right Mega Star Glasses White , The matching trim such.B.a tie-dye T-shirt or colorful spandex jumpsuit, and a little make-up, can you you easily turn into a disco dancing party hit at your next fancy dress party!

  • Delivery: Krause afro wig
  • Color: Brown
  • Size: full head / Unisex
  • Material: 100% synthetic hair