Curly wig black

Item #: 8800905

Curly wig black

Wonderful synthetic hair wig made of high quality KaneKalon!

Our curly wig is knit from KaneKalon, this allows the styling with curling iron, iron or hair dryer smoothness with medium heat.So you can tweak individually and thus adapt to your look your hair replacement.High quality wigs from KaneKalon are very popular for photo shoots, as well as video recordings or for Cosplay outfits because they have a natural glow and thus does not seem artificial.

The curly wig is black and has a hood which is adjustable size.This means that the hood has two hooks in the neck that are hooked into loops left and right, giving you a perfect fit.The output hairstyle comes after washing repeatedly in their form back, which can be changed at any time by average heat treatment.Please pay attention for smoothness iron and curling iron that the temperature can be set on your device, because the wig damaged by excessive heat or destroyed.

Material: Synthetic Hair KaneKalon

Information about the curly wig:

  • Color: black
  • heat-resistant fiber

Care Instructions:

  • Fill pan with cold water
  • mix mild shampoo with water
  • Wig gently dip into the tub, repeat if necessary
  • Allow wig to lie for a few minutes in the tub
  • Let out water
  • Rinse wig well under running cold water
  • Drain wig and let air dry
  • Not span the hairnet on drying
  • After drying, gently styling, original hairstyle remains available