Curly wig green

Item #: 8800587

Curly wig green

Wild wig for a wild party

Not only children dress up, even adults sink into the world of colorful carnival.This requires also wigs like our curly wig in green to z.b to make his clown costume.

You want to a carnival party and you lack the appropriate headdress? With our green curly wig you found him.You can use them for example to the Clown costume with Neonpunkten and the Clown overalls costume pink / yellow put on.If you want a different hairstyle in private times, then you can the voluminous wig also because touched down.The Wuschelkopf wig can pluck any deal.

Product information:
  • Content: curly wig
  • Color: green
  • Material: polyamide