Emo Short Hair Wig Black

Item #: 20092

Emo Short Hair Wig Black

With this stylish black Emo Wig you can start your personal revolution!

Emos frequently wear dark, tight jeans and t-shirts with cheks, stripes or little stars. Often they have jet black hair and asymmetrical fringe hairdos and, no matter if girl or boy, wear the obligatory black mascara to emphasize the dark circles around their eyes.  Even a lateral labret piercing or even essential for this look.

With our black short hair Emo Wig you can turn yourself into an authentic emo! Match it with our Razor Contacts and  Black nail polish and lipstick or a Eyeliner black  and your emo look will be ready for the next carnival, Halloween or sniveller party. If need be, it is even possible to handwash your wig.

  • Includes: black emo short hair wig
  • Material: synthetic hair