Irradiated Nurse Wig

Item #: 20486

Irradiated Nurse Wig

Largest Assumable accident in Wig

Instead of having to worry about the other radiation victims can, the nurse must now even through the decontamination.Your bleached hair will begin to glow in the dark green. The wig of the contaminated nurse is both a satire on Fukushima and a really nasty Halloween idea.

The Contaminated nurse wig is a long hair wig of white hair.In some places, are bright green strands, the maximum nuclear contamination are supposed to represent.The hair is wrapped in a braid that hangs down the side.With a Zombie Nurse Costume Costume or the Zombie Nurse ML you already have a costume for the worst case scenario, the Biohazard Contact Lenses and a War Mask with Breathing Protection make the irradiated sister perfectly.

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color : White, light green