June wig black

Item #: 8800904

June wig black

Beautifully knotted human hair wig for every day

If you have blond hair, you want to black.If you have curly hair, you want straight hair.The possibilities are changing his hairstyles unlimited.With the realistic-looking human hair wigs the annoying styling finally falls away.Every day a new look, what woman does not want that?

The June wig in black has spread like natural hair slightly lighter streaks over the entire head.The human hair wig is easy curly, long shiny hair goes up on the shoulders.For the perfect fit, we recommend you Wig Stocking Set that you put on underneath in order to consolidate his own hair.Care and styling can be made as for normal hair, wash with water and shampoo.

More Artikleinformationen:
  • high quality wig made of real hair
  • washable with water and shampoo
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • slightly curled and stage cut