Princess Fiona Wig

Item #: 8801308

Princess Fiona Wig

Fiona's red hair are an original licensed Shrek Fan Articles

Since 2001, we have received every three years a movie with Shrek and Fiona in the movie theaters, but part five leaves yet to come.Fiona developed iimer to brave ogre princess, once she even uses her thick red braid as a weapon against bandits.The red hair is combined in the orignal licensed Fiona wig with two green ogre ears.

The Princess Fiona Wig is a flaming red long hair wig.The hair is braided into a thick red braid that extends to the waist.On top of the head is a small tiara, left and right looking out small green ogre ears of the red hair.More Fan articles for Shrek series are a few Shrek ears That Shrek Latex Mask and a Evil Wolf in Grandma Costume .

  • Material : Synthetic hair, plastic
  • Color Red