Rockabella Percke

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Rockabella Percke

The 40-year dream hairstyle Percke is corrugated with a lot of volume and curled

With real hair is to create a typical 40s hairstyle very expensive part.The classic forties hairstyle then consisted of elaborately defined water wave, screwed curls and clipped Pompadour.With the 40s Percke Rockabella you're styled quickly in the style of the 40s and save yourself a lot of time before you perfectly coiffed Rockabilly Girl, can go to the Rock n Roll Party.

The Rockabella Percke is a perfect Kostmzubehrfr 40s theme parties or to go dressed as Rockabilly Girl.Our shoulder-length curly Percke is made of synthetic hair and she is a hairstyle in the style of the 40s.The Rockabella Perck is in addition to numerous additional Kostmzubehr such.ExampleLong eyelashes sting or Fashion Jewellery Necklace with Rhinestones and matching costumes such as the Marilyn costume S / M yelow here.

  • Scope of delivery: 1x Rockabella Percke
  • Mae: Einheitsgre
  • Color: Blond
  • Material: Synthetic hair