Mega Star Glasses Black

Item #: 15777

Mega Star Glasses Black

Large Mega Star Glasses as Carnival glasses & Costume Accessories

A large showy Megastar glasses is a cheap costume accessories to quickly and easily make a new type without much effort from you.The black megastar spectacle frame changes your appearance in seconds.It can be presented with the carnival spectacle different characters that you can not imagine without glasses.What would be, for example, mega-stars like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, Madonna or Angelina Jolie the solll be hidden behind huge glasses without her familiar face?

The black glasses frame and the dark-tinted glasses of Mega Star Glasses are plastic.The dark sunglasses is a brilliant fun stuff and a must for every theater wardrobe for Halloween and carnival! Perfect is your curious transformation megastar then Lady Gaia Wig blond and the matching Retro glasses black XXL ,

Material: Plastic

Attention in the Mega Star Glasses is a fancy dress accessory and it will offer no UV protection for the eyes!